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Hisakazu Ota

Thank you very much for visiting our homepage. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you on behalf of our staff.

I was born in downtown of Osaka and as a child was especially fond of okonomiyaki and takoyaki. But after coming to Tokyo, I was never able to find okonomiyaki and takoyaki that truly satisfied me. One day, I made some takoyaki for friends and was pleasantly surprised when they suggested that I open a restaurant. In 1989, by their challenge, I opened a small shop in Shirokanedai.

While managing this restaurant, I received many valuable tips from customers, then in 1997 we moved to its present location. Along with items from the original menu, many items are suitable for any budget. We also offer a wide range of seating, including private rooms, counter or table seating.

We are constantly updating our menu and improving our services to meet your demands. We look forward to serving you.